Design Studio 2: Project 1

In this project, I chose one of the school buildings about the size of 24’x30’x28′ and filled it with experimental concepts to create a new space. Not deciding and setting the purpose of the space, I studied how space and space could be connected and expressed and how people could move in and use. I thought about how experiments made with two materials could be expressed in space. Then I learned the incoming path of light over time in my space and developed my idea.

Initial Material Studies

At first, I was assigned two materials and two ways of making and experimented on them. I got  Carving/Removing with Wire and Curving with a Metal sheet.

Material and Scale Studies

I used the material studies and created a study of the sets at 3 scales.

The scale of the touch/ The scale of the body/ The scale of the space




Model in daylight and shadow

After making the model, I explored how light enters the interior space and shadows are made over time after matching the latitude at which the building is located. I made slots in one side of my ceiling. I pondered how to express it along with the light coming through the slots of the ceiling. It was impressive that the light would flow through the wall and the light would enter the limited part of the interior space. I wanted to create a space where the light comes in bright and dark and subtle lights coexist.



As you can see in my sketch, because of slots that exists only on one side, I wanted to design a light that came in strong on the second floor and reflected on the bottom of the second floor and in the shape of the whirlwind. In the summer, there will be strong light directly on the second floor, and in the winter, the angle will be lower and more tilted. I also wanted to make room for people to rest and sleep on the first floor by using no light on the first floor. The second floor was made using a metal sheet from scale studies. The first floor was designed to be a sofa and a bed itself, just like the shape of the landscape. Also, the ceiling on the other side, which has no slot, is made round and designed to fit in with the repetition of a whirlwind. Light that enters the hole can be reflected from the second floor to illuminate the entrance of the first floor in a subtle way and also the wall in order to give people a sense of stability.


Model with space mocked up in interior.

2 Sections  at 1/2″=1′-0″


Journey through a project from Elevator to Upper level.

I took pictures to see how people would enter the space and move into resting space on the first floor and second floor that is a public and personal space.


3  moments of spaces/times

It shows the light coming in over time.


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