Reflection on the UN

  • 1 design idea you learned about as a result of the UN trip – how could you improve it?

The design philosophy of the technology used to calculate such things as ground height and local water levels were subtly brilliant, and struck me as perfect from a utility and design perspective. Although I don’t think I have the mechanical prowess to make any significant additions to it’s technical parts, I would like to see this kind of technology could be improved with an aesthetic element such as an element of color or light that helps identify some of the tracking progress and measurements of the given tool.

  • 1 inspiring policy idea you learned about from the UN trip – how or why did it motivate you? what could you do to help it forward?

One of the strongest policies I saw at the conference was this idea of the cost-effective, convenient methodologies that worked in tandem with environmental friendliness and green living. The housing provided for college students in the area that utilized an uncommon space near the harbor with uncommon materials such as reused shipping containers was an example of this policy. By economizing space and resources in this way, I feel that design is really showing a prominent hand in more and more modern day affairs. I’d like to see if I could propose designs in the future that may apply a more pleasing aesthetic to these kinds of spaces.

  • 1 fact that motivated or elevated your consciousness or empowered you from our trip to the UN – why did this fact touch you? did it speak to you emotionally, rationally, ethically? could you use that fact in your own way to motivate others?

The most motivational aspect of the entire conference was the presence of guest speaker Finnegan. The idea that a student of our university and only a handful of years ahead of many of us in age having accomplished what he had on such a grand scale was empowering and inspiring. Above all else, his presence and accomplishments felt incentivizing to all the students there – including me, of course – as if to say that regardless of age or status, one can still achieve great things in the field of sustainability.


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