Int Studio-Fabric Manipulation

Fabric Manipulation

The daisy choker inspired me on this fabric, I created a look that the fabric scrambles in the middle which represents flowers.

This choker is simple but some times look complex because of is patterns, I played around on muslin that I sew the fabric and have an empty circle in the middle, the wrinkles represents the patterns.

I inspired by just  a plain choker, the circle shape represents when the choker is tied, and the line represents when it is untied.

I started to play around with color in this one, since the choker has a color that stands out, I used red thread to show the change of color and a different texture of fabric to represent the different material that used making the choker.

I used black and white fabrics on top of the muslin and sewed them together, simply represents the color used in this choker.

The burnt holes on the muslin represents any ornaments that hang on the choker, and the straight line of fabric in the middle represents the choker.

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