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Most high school students still don’t know what they should do in life, but I know. During

sophomore year, I started to realize I have to work and create art. I like to share my ideas and

have deep discussions with friends and family. Art is important to me because art is a way that I

can create and share my ideas. For me, art and traveling are the most important things. Traveling

motives me to do more and have more experiences, and art is the way share all of these

experience. Every work of art that I have created expresses me, what I’m feeling, and what I


I believe all of art is connected so I have dedicated myself to learning three different

forms of art: filmmaking, photography, and graphic arts. I believe that by working hard and

knowing more, I can use many different ways to present my ideas and experiences. I think art is

like math — you need to practice every day and do as much as you can, so that you can get

better and better. Because I’m only in high school so there are still many things that my mind

has conceived , but I haven’t had the opportunity to create. That’s why I decide to use most of

my free time to create art, to practice every day. In high school I have to study and do art at the

same time. I knew this isn’t going to work well so I try my best to make time. Because the high

school I attend doesn’t offer filmmaking, I have to find opportunities to practice filmmaking, so I

decided when there is something that happens or the school needs my help in filming an event, I

always say yes, because these are opportunities for me to learn more. During the weekend or

vacation, I’ll film vlogs to practice my editing skills..

A few weeks ago, I went to National Portfolio Day because I wanted to know if my

creations and ideas are on the right track or not, so I chose 13 of my strongest pieces to get

feedback from many different colleges (Parsons School of Design, School of Visual Arts,

Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Lesley University). All of the colleges told me that

I’m on the right track and even though Lesley University accepted my portfolio, Parsons School

of Design told me to keep working on the track I’m on, and go to pre-college classes to create

more art. After National Portfolio Day, I started to think more deeply about how to improve my

artistic expression, so I decided to transfer between senior and junior years so that I can focus on

creating the strongest possible project to make my creations stronger. My goal is to be accepted

into on NYU and Parsons School of Design, I know it’s not easy but I believe if I do more and

work harder I will get in to both of the colleges.

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