Benjamin views

Benjamin views the role of “the collector” as an archivist, more like a children in the reality, they use picture to imagine what would the world looks like though picture and what should the world be, but when they grow up the reality normally destroy the dream these collector ha, and what Benjamin collection do is represent the dream to these children.

the “flâneur” was the everyday spectator. flâneur”means group of people not personal, the reason why they exist it’s because to make the view of city more special, make the street become an element of where artist can create things

Humans naturally assign memories and experiences to objects and spaces. for examplememory technique called “the memory palace” where a visual of a visual space is used as a room of mnemonic devices, get though smells, image or familiar objects which you assign something which you have to remember. This technique works for real or imagined spaces. The relevance of this example is to illustrate the powerful connection between memory, objects and space.

Benjamin attributes the Surrealists to creating an art world version of his child-time collecting. the surrealist change the dream to the reality.

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