1. What message and overall emotional tone did you take away from the film?
  2. In what ways does this film interweave narrative, documentary and experimental forms of filmmaking while avoiding traditional approaches?
  3. How might Cohen’s creative process have informed the final outcome of the piece? (ie. use of archival footage, working alone vs. collaboratively)
  4. What storytelling devices were used for dramatic effect and how so? (ie. repetition, voice over, speed, camera movement, juxtaposition).

The reason that this film is so famous and important for the film industry it’s because this film open the new way of story telling as a blogger and traveler to discover new york city, the person who made this film is using gear that everyone else can buy so it also prove that you don’t need the expansive gear to tell and present the stories just use what you can.

before 2014 vlog or blog is not yet a way to tell a story he just more like a documentary way to film what he saw in new york city and edit to the sense he want wild he’s telling sorry in the film it open the new way of making movie or videos

work alone, he use his personal experiences to tell the story and share what he had learn from it, what he experiences it

camera movement and the voice, the shot he had use have slow-motion and some time laps what these shot can present is that these shot give stronger meaning to the person who watch the film and follow the voice to complies the film complies the story.

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