About Streetwise

Streetwise is a very strong movie that present a person who’s family is broken become homeless and what happened in the end of the movie and most importantly all of these homeless are only less then 14 years old, 14 years old they already had enough social experiences and life experiences to know how the reality in the real life, they don’t live much, what know is their family is broken maybe their dad is in the prison the yelling at them to not doing Drugs ! I think the reason you show this film to us it’s because that this film shows the dark side of the society, what we don’t know and we will never experiences people run and hide try to survive in the world in the end it came out nothing is real and nothing is worth it anymore then life become less and less meaningful, everyone do have a dream but when the dream will never come true and the dream you imagine is shattered what would a kid do and what would I do ?

The film directed by Photojournalist Mary Ellen Mark and director Mark Bell travel on the street in Seattle to show you what’s haven’t been see, they just a lot of zoom lens to show what there doing and also lot of close up shot to let the audience connected to the people and kids in the movie started to hope what he to do and what would we in the same situation, because Mary Ellen Mark has been a film Director in the movie so most of the shot is very powerful that it doesn’t need word of conversation to tell you what’s the story and what is the character itself is thinking about.

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