Proposal and Gears



 The concept for the video can be narrowed down to a day in life in New York City. I understand that this is cliche, so Johnson and I are going to try out something new, something we don’t often see in tourist videos. It is an a-day-in-life type of video but we are trying to make the video look like a collection of places we go to in an hour. Our purpose is simply showing the famous places in this city in a short video. The intended length is approximately somewhere around one minute and fifty seconds, based on our calculation. Johnson and I are going to be the people who appear in the video. We are going to start the video with an intro from a street musician. A drummer would be ideal. Basically, we pan the drummer in the beginning. By the time he starts playing, we switch to our shots. And we will use the drummer’s music as the background music. The places we have decided to go to film include One World Trade Center, the Charging Bull, Washington Square Park, Times Square, Empire States Building, Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge Park and maybe the Statue of Liberty. We plan to shoot sometime after class and before it gets dark. The ideal result is that when people watch the video, they will know that the time in the video is between 6 and 8 P.M. when the lights are out and the sky is not completely dark. We are going to make the best out of what we have. We are shooting the footages primarily on Johnson’s Lumix, my Sony and the Canon 6D I rented. For some of the scenes, we will be shooting from multiple angles with different lenses. That way, we can make sure that there is a successful version. There is no media work being produced as of now. Johnson and I will start filming tomorrow after class. There will be the music from the drummer throughout the video. For some scenes, we will include the ambient sound. Both of us will be working on the project. Johnson will get the technical stuff down and I will be in charge of planning. In the video, we will be directing each other since Johnson is going to be in the first half of the video and I am going to be in the second half.


Materials List




7mm-14mm lens






Canon 6D

Canon 70D

Lumix GH5 and 2 batteries

10 batteries

Rode mic

XLR to Mini cable

Manfrotto tripod


Gorilla tripod

MacBook Pro 15’

MacBook Pro 13’

4TB hard drive X2

1TB X1

500G SSD X1

Metro card 0 dollars

Boosted board

Memory cards x3

20$ cash and credit card



Sony a7R II and 2 batteries

40mm F1.4 lens

Canon 6D and 2 batteries

24-105 lens

85mm F1.2 lens

14mm F2.8 lens

Zoom H6 and wind shield?

Memory cards x3

Metro card


Manfrotto Video Tripod

Manfrotto Photo Tripod

1TB Hard drive x2

MacBook Pro 13’

20$ Cash and credit card

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