Since the beginning of the semester we have been looking at imagery and sequencing. After that we explored different dynamics of how to make something cohesively fit together. We looked to taking photographs and found a way to put them in a coherent story, later we’re now working on a new project that incorporates taking the images for using the past project, a random instrument that we had to create and some video that we went and took and find a way to make it into an interesting sequence. This is my first introduction in premier so I was a little uneasy with working on it but overall I’m happy with how it turned out


Below is the instrument I created ,I did an origami based instrument for the project. It was comprised of multiple folds that was able to create sounds and textures when contracted with, when lightly tapping the paper he created a rustling affect that I found was quite desirable and it seem to mimic nature and mimic the animal running, this is why chose to use the item and I’m overall happy with the results.

When working on a project I initially messed around with the effects since it was my first time using premier, after showing into the class for critiques I was able to get some good feedback on how I can improve my work overall people mainly critiqued my use of sound so I then adjusted it and made it more Taylor to what people said was wrong with it, they didn’t like the fact that the forest was loud when I showed it in the clips and they wanted the fox to have that sound effect so I edited it and was able to make that change. Overall I did a lot of manipulation in terms of layering and I also worked on the sound effects below you can see screenshots of some of my process. I also felt like the footage was Little bit too plane so I did a lot of adjusting with effects and layering and found a very interesting way to make my video more dynamic by adding water ripples in front of the stock footage I got.


Overall when working on the assignment I found it quite challenging to edit and find a way to make both of the videos work together, the footage I took and the photos were quite random so to find a way to make it cohesive was hard for me overall I’m happy with the outcome but I feel like it does paint a good story. I also edited the sound so it is not original and has been altered. I feel like this makes the video a lot more dynamic and Takes the viewer through a journey.

When looking at the writing in understanding comics chapter 2 talks about imagery and how you can use it to appeal to your audience members, for example when it says this is not a pipe and it is painting that is technically true, in talks about the use of iconography and how people can use icons to convey message. I try to apply this to my video by making it seem like the fox was walking in the  forest by the use of sounds, the fox wasn’t actually moving through the woods but by using the sound effects I was able to convey that message, this was my way I’m Showing something that wasn’t explicitly there by using other means to convey that to the audience. Also talks about the subject of things, so I tried to make my very clearcut that it was related to nature I kept on my imagery related to that so that it was immediately clear the what kind of video they were watching. Furthermore it talks about actions through movement, being able to see you sequence from one Park to the next is good in helping convey Time and placement, in the beginning of my video I had the sun rising and in the end I headed setting this helps the audience members invoke sense of time passing. This is another technique talked about in the readings. People have different ideas perception so I tried to make it as clearcut as possible while leaving the video visually interesting and also having it tell a story without being too obvious. And this is the inspiration I took the readings was to make it sequential and have things be realistic and mimic something that the audience can relate to.

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