Still Life Part 1


In creating my still life, I wanted to use color and spacing to capture the different phases I went through while wearing the ring. I began my process by finding and printing all the pictures I had of me wearing the ring. It was interesting to see the change in my body language and how I showed off the ring. I then went through the photos and picked moments that best represented the phases in the shift within myself. The three photos I choose where when I first got the ring, when the ring began to influence me negatively, and when the ring became something to hide behind. I re-read “The Art of Color” in search of harmonious color combinations that would depict this shift. I decided to use the clearest and most powerful triad, red, blue, and yellow. On a black background, warm colors advance and cold colors retreat. This was perfect for my story because the ring made my personality advance and then retreat. The top photo is yellow because it represents how I felt proud, new, and excited when first getting the ring. It was an amazing feeling finally getting a cool ring that I could show off to friends and everyone else walking by me on the street. It’s important to note that I am not completely covering my face when displaying the ring because this changes as time goes on. I made the next picture red because it’s the most evil out of the three colors. I started wearing and using the ring for the wrong reasons during that phase of my life. It made me feel powerful and superior because people would comment on it’s effectiveness as a weapon. All the attention led to me embracing the intimidation factor that it gave me. This affected my relationships with other people and my overall morality. Both the yellow and red phase were initially much purer and saturated. I felt that it was too poster-like so I added black to give it a clouded color. I feel like the images not being fully shown more accurately depicts the confusion and unclearness of life. The last image is colored blue because blue retreats or blends in on a black background just like how I began to hide/retreat into the shadows. The red phase isolated me from others because I avoided connection or any situation where I would be vulnerable. The ring was a shield that I refused to take off. I became introverted and choose to hide behind the ring which is why the picture shows me covering my face. While the other phases have blotches of color that make me look less human, the only blotches in the blue phase are the marks on my hand. The blue phase is the least edited out of all the photos because it was the beginning of a transition from the persona influenced by the ring to my true self.

I will upload Still Life Part 2 as soon as I can. I think I am either going to do water color or acrylic.

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