This is my first sketch: for this sketch I was  influenced And inspired by the fishmarket in Chinatown and the Chinese dragon  my  garment is a long sleeve T-shirt with one the sleeve that has been cut to reveal the shoulder, around the shoulders cut I am going to putting an ornament that looks like a fin from a fish, then all over the front scales, I will try to make them out of  acrylic plastics but, I am also trying to design  a 3D fabric. In the back of the garment, I would like to cut an upside  “V” so it resembles a fish tail but, after trying a different shape I like It more because it makes the piece balance, I don’t know if I should duplicate the design in the back as well as in the front or just stick to the back.

This is my second sketch:  for this second sketch I took inspiration from the Chinese dragon, the Garment consist of a skirt made of scales all the way around and A scarf that wraps around the body imitating the dragon the scarf has a crest just like the traditional Chinese dragons.

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