Unfamiliar Object

For this project I chose to make a mirror unfamiliar. I did so by making it the opposite of what mirrors are typically associated with, which is beauty and vanity. The box surrounding the mirror is a compilation of poems/writing I did about mirrors. This is what they say:

My self image is based on how i perceive the reflected version of myself in the mirror.

Why is then that the most genuine moments I have with myself are when I’m looking back into a pair of fake eyes?

I often watch myself in the mirror and think “this is it. This is really the physical body my soul has stuck in…i’m really human!”
And that’s okay because i’ve grown to love myself.
I believe that there are no purer moments than the ones i spend alone with the girl in the mirror.

I really am a physical entity, aren’t i?

To me mirrors are about recognizing that fact. It’s not about something as cliche as vanity or body image because all of that is influenced by the media. Why, it’s not raw at all!

As a photographer i’ve been trying to take more pictures of my reflection. It’s the most personal photo you can take. It’s not posed, not someone else’s eye but just you catching yourself in the most raw way possible. It’s not about what you look like in the picture, it’s about the fact that you are just present.
I remember when I was little and was too short to reach the mirror on my bathroom counter. The day i was tall enough i was so excited to see myself. I spent a lot of time looking in that mirror…tearing myself down only to bring myself back up again. I also spent a lot of time imagining myself as a boy. “


The mirror on the inside has paint marks as well as “Who are you?” written in red paint. I made a window so that the viewer can look themselves in the eye while looking at the mirror, almost as if they’re having a personal moment between themselves and their reflection.

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