Bridge Project-6 selfie

I took the direction of my real selfies to my obvious appearance: my identity as a student, my interests and my hobby.  For people who know me, they can relate the pictures to myself really easy. I find it easier to play as a character for my fake one. I am a storyteller, making stories is what I am good at. I used my imagination and past experiences of dreaming into a real-life scene, they all look like a clip of a video or movement, which is what I’m going for. I like how pictures talk more then what they show to the viewers.


Real#1 New School Student

I took this picture with the amazing lighting in the working space of Parsons.


Real#2 Makeup Craver

I really love makeup. I like to collect makeup products, especially eyeshadows.


Real#3 Museum

I’m not very much a museum person, but when I have the chance to go to one of them, I make sure I take pictures with the artwork I like.


Fake#1 No Picture Please

Everyone has a secret they don’t want to share. It is embarrassing and scary when a secret is published accidentally.


Fake#2 Doll

I’m playing a character of an abundant doll.


Fake#3 Murdered by sweet gummies

It is a sunny lovely day, and she decided to die. When a person is smiling it does not always mean she is happy. Emotions are sharp sometimes towards oneself. Sweet and soft things have the strength to kill people as well. Be careful what you say and do that might affect people.

Just to clarify: I’m not promoting suicide and never will be. It is the saddest thing a person can do to herself.


Jun Zheng Parsons 2022 Fashion design

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