bridge project 01: #story behind a selfie

          This is a selfie from a couple of months ago, in another word—Prom! I went to prom all four years of high school, I would not say it was my favorite prom, but just the last time of it. I only went with my best friend in my senior year, and only hang out with her the whole night. We were literally shopping at the mall two hours before the dance for her dress. I was going to wear a whole black long dress from my freshman year, just a little change. And we wanted our dresses to match. So we went to the store, got her a short dress with a similar style as mine, and matching jewelry—a pair of golden chain bracelet. We got home, and starting doing our makeup the fast as we can, and play the loudest music meanwhile. Now thinking of that, my host family got to be hating us very much, since they did not even come out and say have fun.

           Anyway, after we all dressed up and pop in an uber, we found out the Airplane Museum was forty minutes away. We got there pretty late, but it was fine, there were people later than us. Just to make it clear, I was wearing a pair of eight-inch tall high heels, it was a pain to even walk with them. I refused to wear the slippers they provided, cause if not for the look nothing made sense for the night.

          My friend and I were too tired to stop dancing. It was the feeling one can only feel their feet when one was still. It was great they sell crepes, well not for sale, they were free. I had one with Nutella and banana, another one with Nutella, fresh cream, and strawberry. I know it did not sound like much of a difference, but trust me they do. They also have a giant hanger full of bread, I wasn’t sure if there were real until I took a bite. It was very salty. My friend just chose to watch me eating around and refuse to try anything. That was a bad thing about her: always getting herself super full any time she went out with me.  It would be like we planned a dinner date and she showed up like “Oh I just had a big slice of pizza”. 

           Of course, we danced, it was prom. Both the songs and the DJ were bad, only one song from Cardi B I’ve heard of. We danced right under the speaker so the music could be loud enough and we could be able to feel the drum beat. People stared at us as two weirdos cause we honestly dancing like we were in a club. Who cares, it was the last time I have to see their faces. It was a boring prom I have to say, there were not even enough seats for everyone, we have to wait to sit on the couches.

          By the time past ten o’clock, the president showed up and congregated everyone for surviving four years and it was time to go home. I apologized to bring her to such a boring party. Those people who worked for student government had no pity for girls who were waiting for their rides in heels—They took the couch and chairs right away. That was when we took that selfie, in the bathroom after party, fully dressed with disappointment. We called us “The Gambling Couple”.     

          We yelped the closest restaurant that was still open and did a little trip at late night Palm Spring. We were the last two costumes. The waiter was rude, he kept pushing us from ordering while we just wanted to relax and have a good time, so we read the menu as slow as possible. The chief was quite nice, he chatted with us through the open bar. He even provided us with free sea urchin cause we seemed to like it. He told us how he went to Japan, met his wife, learned his skills, and came back to the desert. If I was me, I would not choose to go to a desert after I’ve been to Japan, Japan was such an amazing place to live and desert was super boring compared to it. They even had a karaoke right beside sushi bar. Although the songs were pretty old, they were still using a songbook with all the names shocked me. I could not sing anyway. We sat there with our overwhelming sparkling prom dresses, watching and enjoying the last moment of high school.

          I wasn’t so much a different person only because it was a couple months ago. I was experiencing kinda tough time back then, I did not like my high school, I wish I could have graduate any moment possible. People who looked at the picture, they would not think about it, They might say I was having a good time.

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