imaginary still lifes

In this assignment, we were assigned to observe a complete stranger like what Sherlock Homes would do to people, and here is what I got:


  1. Sitting on the floor, by the wall of a subway station.
  2. Nice and clean Levi’s yellow sweater, newly looking.
  3. She has blonde hair with highlights, a bit of root are appearing.
  4. Hair tied up as a messy bun, in a good way.
  5. She was on the phone with someone, using headphone from apple.
  6. Her skin looks healthy and smooth, with no makeup on.
  7. She was laughing the entire time, without being too loud.
  8. Got a blanket underneath her, looks not too dirty.
  9. There are giant bags and backpacks placed around her.

According to what Schweblin said in Fever Dream: “We’ll know the exact moment from a detail”(Schweblin, 6). Therefore, we can start by analyzing the details I collected. She was sitting on a blanket, she may want to stay there for a while, maybe spending the night. Levi’s hoodie isn’t cheap, she was not poor, neither homeless. Cause if one was suddenly homeless, she wouldn’t look so calm and happy. She had a lot of belongings with her, which means at least she was doing some kind of long-term traveling. Her hair and skin look nice, it can be seen she was treating herself great. From what Berger said in Ways of Seeing: “When we see a landscape, we situate ourselves in it”(Berger, 11). So if I put myself into her situation, tried to attach her internal world, that was what I see:  She was comfortable with the environment, at lease She was used to it. That was a dirty underground subway station, in order to get used to it, either She’s had already been here a long time, been similar places, or experienced much worse. Side notes, I take subways to school from this station every single day, and I’ve never seen this girl. With all the evidence listed above, “sometimes simple is the best”( Suri, 57). I’m guessing she is a college graduate or drop out, she is traveling for a while with her own wellness, exposing the life of a full independence.

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