Fashion Studio Bridge 1

Last Monday our group made a piece of body jewelry with the materials we brought—–wires and gloves. We agreed on making a bralette pretty fast since we only had half an hour. Our first thoughts were making it with just the wires, then we saw the gloves and decided it would look funny to have it as the cups. We sketched out a brief design of how the bra could be worn, and then break into groups to speed up the process—-some pierce the wire through the gloves, and some make the chain to hold them. And I was the one who made the chain and me participate on designing the whole concept. I really like how it came out and wears, it is a unique piece that shows attitude.

What jewelry means to me is the soul of an outfit. It is like drawing the pupil of a portrait—-brings it to life.  I personally prefer gold jewelry, cause I think it complements my skin.


For bridge one I’m thinking about using metal wire that I left out from my space class: the wire can transfer into any shape, I can make an earring or a necklace. and also wood would be a good material as well.


Jun Zheng Parsons 2022 Fashion design

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