Frida Kahlo: Appearances Can Be Deceiving @ Brooklyn Museum

Pita Amor and Olga Tamayo

Ankle boots with badge embossed “To Frida with Love Pita and Olga”

Coyoacán, Mexico


Strips of beading and silk embroidery with dragons

the bright color and silk stripes reminds me of Gucci. This type of fashion is coming backing right now, the extraganza of the design attached me. Pita and Olga are two dear friends of Frida, the commend her on her fighting with her struggles.

Frida Kahlo

Orthopedic Corset



Heavy, stiff leather top stitched and slapped over are intended metal frame, secured with buckles, straps and lacing.

It’s interesting that Frida had adopt this style, the corset looks very heavy, almost like a armer for a decredtive piece. Frida have had a big car accident, her bottom half was badly injured, there were more corset that had her paintings on it——excluding this one. It seems like this one is only for her daily care after recovering, to help her hold her body.

The unnatural shine of metal roses attracted my attention while I walked pass it. Flower is one element Frida loved to add to her outfit. It is one traditional México thing, and Frida love to be more Maxicanic and she also lead the fashion of México while everyone else was following French.


As a comparison of her wordordbe and her art, I picked the flower headdness and a self portrait of her from the exhibition called “Self-portrait as Tehuane on Piego on my mind”. I think it is brilliant to put the idea of “someone in my mind” by just painting the portrait on her head. She did the same thing with the headdress: she wanted Mexican culture and history to explore, she put the tradition on herself.

During this exhibition, I learned more about Frida of what a person she really is. I used to know her only as a ikon pop culture fashion designer loved, but I know now she is much more ikonish as herself. In a video recording I watched her dance and laugh, the way she accomplished with the dress she worn is beautiful: she is clear what she needs to do and why she is wearing it. Everything could only runs well with a soul.


Jun Zheng Parsons 2022 Fashion design

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