My Artist and Written Proposal

I chose Alexa Meade as my artist. She likes to paint on real human body and blend them into a 2D illustration world. The uniqueness of her art shocks me when I first saw it.  It is a world between 2D and 3D, one can call it painting and hang them on the wall(if they were photographed), or put them in the middle of the room. She and her art are one of a kind.

My concept is to make every piece of clothing or accessory have the ability to carry things. I personally hate bags, I’d like to carry everything in my pocket. Normally, only jackets have the kind of pocket I want but I could not wear a jacket all the time. Therefore I want to design accessories that are easy to wear and walk around and one would not worry to lose anything. One of Alexa’s most famous quote is “your body is my canvas”, and I want to make one of my own as “my body is my pocket.” Clothing is 2 dimensional in a way, it’s a piece of fabric, and pockets is another space that has been created, another dimension.

Alexa Meade

While other artists have spent the past 500 years perfecting methods for portraying depth on flat surfaces, she has gone in the opposite direction by developing techniques that allow her to paint three-dimensional objects, including people, in ways that make them look for all the world like flat canvases.

Her works:


She decided to put paints on things we normally would not put paint on, I’ll start putting the dimension in clothing that is flat.

My design drawing:

My prototype:

Jun Zheng Parsons 2022 Fashion design

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