Utopia Gif

Process 1

I interviewed Jerry of his Utopia, he wanted a place like California where the sun always shines and people live freely but on an island that could not be found in a map. So I sketched out a brief image of that island(above left).

Process 2

I tried using illustrator to draw out this utopia with 3D affects, it turns out like this:

which didn’t reach my expectation. So I design another one without sketches, just using illustrator, and it looks like this:

the blue ball represents the sea, the yellow part is the beach, and the green part is where nature relays. The background was a salute to California’s Sunset. There is no place in the earth that exist but couldn’t to be found on a map——unless it’s floating in the air. I later draw out the texture of green and beach using the brush tool in illustrator.

Process Three:

After adding more texture using mapping patterns, I turned the image into a gif by using the timeline window in photoshop: Changing the position of the little man to make a movement.


Final gif:

During this project, I learned how to make a gif using photoshop. I have used the time-line window in photoshop to make a moving poster, but I haven’t make a gif before. I enjoyed designing the whole image and abstract meaning behind it. I actually got my inspiration from Monument, a mobile riddle game, its pleasing setting and story give me a feeling like a Utopia. I am pretty satisfied with the final result, the movement of the little man jumping the ocean, and the color setting. As a critique, I feeling if I can make the whole movement looping flawlessly or make him do something on the beach and the forest would be more interesting.


Jun Zheng Parsons 2022 Fashion design

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  1. mattisd · April 11, 2019 Reply

    Nikura, Excellent LP upload, clear, thorough and reflective. Nice job.

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