3rd Project digital

Step 1: Writing the scenes and shooting them with my iPhone.

Step 2: pick qualified videos, edit out useful clips and put them into different folders.

then I edited the video with music.

Step 3: Making the QR code with InDesign and the related layout using Photoshop. And upload to my learning portfolio.


During the process of making this project, I realized I have to estimate and organize my time during each step, therefore I would not rush through the other steps. When the project announced as Whole> the sum of its parts, I immediately think of making a video. We all know a complete film is a conclusion of thousands of scenes, maybe the “whole” looks shorter than the sum of the parts, but it is the whole of the best of the parts. Also, the advertising video was posted at a public space where people can see and realize the pain of quitting nicotine.


Final Product: URL



Jun Zheng Parsons 2022 Fashion design

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  1. mattisd · May 13, 2019 Reply

    Nice upload Nikura. Was there a way you could have included more self-help links to quitting nicotine?

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