Construction Week 2



I make two different patterns for the different pockets/bags, and I used one pattern twice to make two bags.

I used big eyelets as holes of my belt, and snap button as the way of connecting the ends. Also, the eyelets and screws were used as a way to connect the bags to the belt. 

This is the one that takes the longest time in the collection I believe. I tended to make a bag that has multiple purposes, so the length of the belt is changeable. Same as the last project, the bags are secured with snap buttons, also because of the use of screws, the placement of bags is flexible. Making a hard edge bag was hard at first, because of the sexuality of the material, it was difficult to sew from the inside, but luckily the material was also stable, I did need to worry about it tatter, so I sew from the outside in some area.


Patterns, Materials, Construction Week 1

Jun Zheng Parsons 2022 Fashion design

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