We all are a small piece of the world, a cell size of the whole human ecosystem. If people only think about how to win alone, nobody will be winning. Collaboration is the key to success. We join together to build the world we have now if we want an improvement we should as well started on its fractals— ourselves. Though, as she said, a Utopia isn’t a world where people all do the same things and never change, it should be would everyone could be different.
Everything is related, whether microscopical or macro topical. Human bodies’ healthy operation would not leave the hard works from each cell. One cell’s failure normally insignificant, a group of cells’ abandon could cause serious harm. A wave would easily disappear on the sand surface, but with the push of the wave behind and the wave behind, embezzle the whole beach is not a hard thing to do. She used Ruckus, the company that she used to work for, as an example to state her idea of bringing the world to a better place. The company carries the concept of fending the society a signal of the power of colored women. It might be a small step if compare to changing the world, but it is not a surface movement either. Direct action is and should be taken for an unstoppable movement like that. Some people might think taking actions openly to support feminism and minority is showing up nowadays. It is adding bricks on an on-building skyscraper. If one movement of making changes is ongoing, it is time to take action. If we want to create the change we have to become a fractal, we must circle upwards, and build up, consistently and constantly. If a single brilliant idea is hard to reach success, then with a strong collaboration is doable.

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