intersectionality map

Intersectionality applies to a given individual or group, described as the interconnected social categorizations such as sexuality, age, and gender regarded as creating overlapping and interdependent systems of discrimination or disadvantage. Everyone has different intersectionality map based on their individual subject positions. Subject positions also called “social categorizations”. For me I come from China, raised there, and will still be a Chinese in the future. I am an Asian, being influence by asian culture and educated in Asian education system. Which isn’t mean I am a nerd according to most popular stereotype asians have. I am also a straight female in most times. My birth sex is female for reference, however, I have lacking awareness of my gender, I don’t mind to be a male in any case, to me I see no big difference. I’m most time heterosexual, more specifically demisexual, who would only feel sex interaction based on romantic feeling. I do not practice any religion, but I do have a brief of  all religion exists with their own standard, we might be living in a multi universe. Age is one thing I find interesting as a subjection. It is not always determinable of how old someone is as age is a ruler of how much a person have experienced while everyone’s life is so different. Thirty five is an age I believe for a person to be fully responsible, while eight is when a man still has his purest heart. Susan kaiser said “subject positions are not isolated. instead, they are multiple, and they intersect. they defy singular, essentialist ways of being.” these subject  positions are the purest form of the human and what they are made up of. 

To think of ways my intersectionality affect on my daily dress, the most obvious one is being unisex. I admire both tradition women’s wear and wen’s wear, even appreciate the chemical while they crashing. I adore playing the concept of unisex, for example, pair a feminine dress with a super masculine leather jacket. I also disagree with appropriate dressing except for special equation. For example, an old should be allowed to wear as much color as she wants. I also wear princess dresses a lot, just because I like being a child sometimes.


Susan Kaiser, Fashion and Cultural Studies (New York: Berg, 2012) 35

Jun Zheng Parsons 2022 Fashion design

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