Nature Journaling for Biomimicry: Entry 2


  • What does this organism do during the day?

It does photosynthesis during the day, it also pulls water from the underground with its roots.  Because a tree does not move, so all the activity it does is invisible to human eyes except falling down leaves.

  • Does it do something different during the night?

During night time, because there will be no more sunlight, it stopped doing photosynthesis. It does “breathing” like humans, absorb oxygen, let out carbon dioxide. It does this in the day time as well, but with photosynthesis, its affection is offset.

  • How do its colors and textures help it do its work?

Photosynthesis in plants generally involves the green pigment chlorophyll and generates oxygen as a byproduct. Therefore only green plants were able to do this activity. The tree I am observing is one of them. Also, the hard texture of its skin helped it keep the water and food it gains.

  • Is it isolated or does it live within a community?

Trees are normally planted within a community, but it is due to human interest. I think a tree could live isolated as well.

  • How does it acquire nutrients?

It uses sunlight to synthesize foods from carbon dioxide and water, it also gains nutrients from the soil.

  • Does it produce any “wastes” or by-products?

It does not produce any wastes because all the leaves that were falling from it could be degraded.

  • How does it relate to other organisms?

Birds could eat its seed, bugs could eat its leaves, and some of the seeds and leaves that have fallen to the soil could be eaten by the microorganism.

  • Does the individual’s impact on the ecosystem change over its lifetime.

A tree’s life does not change much. The only changes could be the stages between its seeding age, which can have more impact on the ecosystem.

  • How does this individual’s niche compare to your own?

– Same as the tree does during the day and night, I breathe.

– Same as the tree’s features that help it to adapts to the environment, I also have characteristics such as skin that protect myself and regulates my body temperature.

– Same as the tree could be planted on its own and with a community. We as humans could also survive isolated or in a community.

Photo of my organism.

Systems map: niche role this individual plays in the ecosystem.

1. Tree cleance the air.

2. The seeds that grow from the tree could feed the bird and bugs.

3. The bugs could feed the birds as well.

4. The leaves and seeds ended up degraded in the soil.

5. The microorganism do the job of degrading them.

6. The excreta of the birds could end up being nutrition for the tree.

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