• Who does OKO Farms serve?

Local markets and restaurants.

  • How is OKO Farms culturally responsive to its local community?

Rather than focusing on large-scale food production, Oko Farms serves as an experimental field. It holds workshops for schools and visitors around the world to study how food is grown within the busy neighborhood within New York City.

  • According to farmer Yemi, what are the benefits of aquafarming in urban areas?

The aquaponics system, which has been using the same primary body of water since 2013, now houses both fish and a variety of plants like the sorghum Amu was tending. Given that around 70 percent of freshwater is used for agriculture globally, this kind of recycling is a massive achievement.

  • What are the other sources of food in the neighboring area?
  1. Perelandra Natural Food Center: Mom-&-pop grocery store offering ample options for organic & natural foods plus home products.
  2. Bushwick Food Cooperative: Member-run organic market selling locally sourced produce, beef, bulk items, artisanal goods & more.
  3. Flatbush Food Co-op: Community-owned natural-food store selling groceries, meat, fish & deli items, plus a juice bar.
  • What do you think food sovereignty means?

I think food sovereignty means that people have access to healthy and organic food, that they are able to choose what they eat and the system the food was produced.

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