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Studio 1: Mapping Your Past

For this assignment, I drew a mind map in the form of a flower. I usually get quite confused with mind maps with ideas that connect to each other and decorations so colorful. This is because I get distracted very, very easily. Here, I tried something that is more black and white; visually and mentally that would keep me away from distraction.

Change is the central focus here which is written on the flower’s stigma. When I think of change, the first few words that came up to me, as I also have experienced coming here, were: distance, management, comparison and alone. I decided that these words should be the headings of this map relating to the notion of change. I placed them on the leaves, where I also wrote multiple sub-headings. I used specific words only to relate to the headings. Although this causes repetition, it helped me filter out the most used terms/sub-headings. I placed 3 of the filtered words on the petals of the flower and expanded their meaning for me ever since I moved to New York with example situations.
In addition, I added 2 extra leaves representing New York and Europe. On these leaves I used terms that best describe these places. Then, on the flower, I used the extra space to develop the difference between my home and New York in the form of “photosynthesis” using arrows.


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