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Sustainable Systems: Trash Archive – A Collection of Value (Still Life)

Throughout this week, every piece of trash I saved, I folded it neatly and put it aside until I was going to begin my project. I had a lot of cardboard leftover from my mail packages over the week. I liked how they looked when neatly folded, so I decided that I wanted my project to be of something that is flat.

Initially brainstorming in order to create something flat was confusing as I wasn’t sure what to make. A poster? A rug? Finally, once decided, I was determined to create a blanket and exhibit it over the top of my bed where my original Pink Panther blanket usually lays throughout the day. However, not all my archives were fit to be turned into a flat blanket, thus I also created a flower pot to accompany my blanket and the view it had of the city in my room.

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