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Studio 2: Life Into Art Brainstorm Session

Sketchbook pages and Power Point Document:

Karahan, Selin – Inspirational Brainstorm for Final-14v2j1y


My inspiration for this concept comes from my Seminar 2 research project. The essay that I am writing covers the theme of dream interpretation. Although I was interested in researching how different cultures have varying interpretations of dreams, this topic was way too broad to research with such little time.

Thus, I decided to simplify my idea: The human desire to interpret our dreams as a way of learning about ourself and our psychology. Although there are dream dictionaries, we cannot understand what our dreams mean and symbolize according to beliefs without any sort of research. Even with research, proving the true meanings of dreams would be too difficult as dreams for each person varies completely. I believe that dreams are psychological images from deep in our mind with no true meaning.

My interest for this topic derives from my mother, who used to own a Turkish dream dictionary by her bedside. She inspired me to have an interest, thus search for certain details of my dreams. Although the search was interesting, it was pretty disappointing as some “meanings” didn’t match my sentiments in the dreams. However, even though my mother and I knew that the dictionary wasn’t correct, we still enjoyed reading and learning about what our dreams could possibly mean.

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