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Sustainable Systems: Life in the Anthropocene – Final

Design Brief:

Reducing Greenhouse Gasses by Eating Other Protein Inclusive Foods – Communication Project

In order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, switching our main protein source from livestock to plants with protein for example is a good start on our journey to a solution. As they are easier to grow with, deriving proteins from plants is an alternative that is cheaper. Most people reject the idea of switching from meat protein sources to plants since the idea of “protein” is much more popular with livestock. This project aims to spread awareness that plants also carry protein in them.

Concept and Form for Communication:

Shifting our diet to a different way to get our proteins would create a major impact in reducing emissions of greenhouse gasses. This would create alternative dishes with an approximate amount of protein from sources that do not contribute to carbon emissions. There are plenty of plant based proteins that we can eat as our body helps complete certain proteins.

The project is going to be of a booklet made with two options that offer protein intake from foods. The comparison will be made between a diet option with livestock and a diet option with options other than livestock. These diet options will come with side dishes as well.

In order to attract attention, the idea will be made through a booklet: “protein menu” where the meals are compared according to the protein amount with written facts.

Engaging the Viewer:

The viewer will be engaged in a way that includes them personally. With the new protein options presented, the aim is to encourage the viewers to take this shift. I believe the idea will be more memorable if presented physically (in the form of something they can hold in their hands).


Research and Planning:

Menu Format:

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