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Studio 2: Final

Brainstorm (Sketchbook Pages, PowerPoint Document):

Karahan, Selin – Inspirational Brainstorm for Final-14v2j1y



My interest for this topic (dreams) derives from my mother, who used to own a Turkish dream dictionary by her bedside. She inspired my interest and search for details of my dreams. Although the search was interesting, it was pretty disappointing since the meanings were not a match for my sentiments in the dreams. However, even though my mother and I knew that the dictionary wasn’t correct, we still enjoyed reading and learning about what our dreams could possibly mean.

The human desire to interpret our dreams is a way of learning about ourself and our psychology. Although there are dream dictionaries, we cannot understand what our dreams symbolize according to beliefs without any sort of research. Even with research, proving the true meanings of dreams would be too difficult as dreams for each person vary completely. I believe that dreams are psychological images from deep in our mind with no true meaning.

This project is based off an old dream and depicts two different ways of perceiving our dreams once awaken. I created the video with two separate parts: “lost” and “familiar”, represented by different sounds and video footages. The video portrays the sentiments and memories that play out during ones sleep conscious. Although dreams could be associated with our lives and our powers of recall, once awaken, the dreams are no longer vivid enough to recall every detail. They become stranger to us. The ability that dreams have for causing a person to feel tense and hospitable is appealing.

In the first part of the video, “lost”, I used different video effects in order to create an atmosphere that is uncomfortable with the use of flashing lights, music and a body that is “lost” in the dark. Whereas in the second part, “familiar”, a more relaxed tune was used with a body that is exploring; free and naked.

As explained in my Seminar class research essay, dreams are intimate to each person. Thus, I chose this specific footage that I filmed because the patterns which look like DNA modules. The footages consist of two separate colors: black and white. The black is the background throughout the entire film where the white shapes float around. This reminds me of someone’s mysterious mind during sleep.

Calendar and Budget List:

Final Video: “Dream Recalls”

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