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Studio/Seminar: Comic



The Slice

Scene 1

Pete is in the kitchen checking out what is in the fridge. He notices that a slice has been taken from the cake he made earlier. Shocked, he is determined to figure out what happened to his cake.

Pete walks out from the kitchen into the living room where Angel is sitting on the couch studying a book.


Pete – What did you have for dinner?

Angel – Just left-over slice of cake from your birthday last night.

Pete – Cake?

– Wow.

– How dare you.

– Did you finish it?

Angel – So?

Pete – That cake was my most bestest creation that I made for an event. Why did you eat it.


Angel – Just… one slice.

Thought bubble: (Angel) This is a good time to take an invisibility pill.


Pete – I don’t understand why you would do that! You know I have to finish all my birthday desserts!

Angel – Pete, honey, I’m sorry I ate the last slice of your cake, but you can always make a new one. You need to learn how to sh–

Pete – Share, huh?

– My appetite is ruined. I’m going on a walk.

Angel – Pete, come on. Don’t be like this, lets talk ab–


Door slams after Pete’s departure.


Scene 2

Pete, now close to tears, is seen walking outside the driveway. He starts to think out loud.


Pete – This seems like a fine place to have a nervous breakdown!

– I don’t seem to remember what makes me happy.

– Angel doesn’t even seem to care about my feelings at all!

– I wish she would pay more attention to me instead of her silly papers.

– Only then would she notice how much I do around the house for her!

– Oh! What can I do?


Angel – You can stop crying.

Angel is seen walking towards Pete on the driveway. She is carrying a small package. Inside is a cupcake with a lit candle on it.

Angel – It was the last cupcake available, I know it’s not exactly what you wanted.

Pete – Angel! How did you find me? Why did you bother?

Angel – I bothered because I’m in love with you..

Pete – Wow! This means everything to me Angel. I love you too!


They start kissing and hugging on the street.


The End.


Experimental Sketches:




Changed the texture of the characters with a new tool/brush:


Finished Panels: 5 pages

Adding Speech Bubbles:


In order to make this comic physically engaging for the audience, I printed the comic onto a light-weight paper and binded it to have a book-like form. Initially I wanted to have the color of the paper as white, however on the day of printing, I went through some technical difficulties and had to keep it this light-blue tone.


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