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Studio/Seminar: Artist Group Assignment – Final

My team’s movement is called “What If…”.

The purpose of the “What If…” movement is to promote brainstorming using creativity.

[What if we had our body parts arranged differently?]

[What if men were objectified in art today, just like women were in the Renaissance?]

[What if Neanderthals wore clothing from today’s style?]

These are questions my teammates and I have been thinking and debating about. All three of us have come up with our very own concept or “thought” for the movement and each have created three pieces of art in order to fulfill our curiosity in the best way possible visually.

My process:

Editing the original photos. I had to play with the colors a lot in order to finalize the new black and white version.


As I was making the collages, I edited out the figures and got rid of the background. I came to realize that I wanted to edit the entire photo.

My What if concept is connected to the idea of objectifying women in the paintings of popular painting eras such as Renaissance or Neo-Classicism. Therefore I used popular symbolism recognized often from these periods. For example:

  • Swan = Symbolizes grace, purity and beauty. Associated with love,music and poetry. It is sacred to Venus (goddess of love).
  • Rose = Flower of Venus. Promotes a peace loving planet.
  • Serpent = Spiritual symbol of temptation from the Bible. Evil, as Eve becomes aware of her sexuality and nudity right after the bite.

I have attempted using these symbols within my work for this project. For example, I have made continuous use of swans and colors that relate my idea of switching the role of the female and male with reference to sexualizing women with their nudity. In order to complete this project, I took photos of my friends positioned in the way of focus figures in popular paintings such as “Vanité” by Hans Memling or “Bacchus, Ceres and Cupid” by Hans von Aachen and switched the stance between males and females. Consequently, Alexander, the male figure, is nude in all the images whereas the females are fully dressed.

The Catalog:

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