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Seminar 4D: Animation with Projection Mapping “Connected Colors”

“Connected Colors,” was planned and produced by media artist Nobumichi Asai using Real-Time Face Tracking. The piece idealizes the coexistence of life and works towards conveying the human desire for harmony and coexistence of life on Earth. Focusing this notion through the colors of nature, the video is visualized by colorful and electric make-up on the face of the figure presented. This can be noticed as the video starts off with a pretty technical and digital looking vibe through the visual use of colorful pixel shapes before changing to its organic structures.

The piece shows series of facial make-up on the face of the figure with vibrant colors and organic shapes such as curves, flowers and shapes of animals. Different natural elements could also be noticed on the figure such as water in the form of streams and tears, patterns of animal skins and light beams.

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