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Seminar 4D: Final Project Moodboard

Title: Intro to Sexual Behavior

Animation Dimensions: 1920 x 1080

Project Description:

This animation is going to be based on the sex lives of humans as compared to animals. Extracting a few passages from the book “Why Is Sex Fun?” by Jared Diamond, I prepared a narration that includes brief comparisons between the perspectives of animals versus humans on their sex habits.

In order to make this narration informative as well as humorous, certain characteristics will be given to the animals that are used as examples of the mammalian species such as dogs and orangutans.


2D animations by digital sketching. The animation will be created by stop motion images of my sketches done through ProCreate App on IPad Pro.

Script of Narration:


  • Scene 1: Dimly lit bedroom with a handsome man lying in bed. A beautiful woman in a nightgown runs to the bed. A diamond ring flashes on her left hand, while clutching a small blue strip of paper. “It’s the right time..”
  • Scene 2: Same bedroom, same couple, making love, but details obscured by the dim lighting. Then the camera shifts to a calendar slowly being flipped.
  • Scene 3: The same beautiful couple, holding a baby. “I’m so glad that Ovu-stick told us when it was exactly the right time!”
  • Scene 4: Close up of the hand clutching the small blue strip of paper. Caption reads: ‘Ovu-stick. Home urine test to detect ovulation.’

(2) “If certain mammals like baboons could understand our TV ads, they’d find that one especially hilarious. Neither a male or a female baboon needs a hormonal test kit to detect the female’s ovulation.

—- Title Page —-

(3) “The subject of sex preoccupies us. It’s the source of our most intense pleasures. Often it’s also the cause of misery, much of which arises from built-in conflicts between the evolved roles of men and women.

(4) Most of us don’t realize how unusual human sexual practices are compared to those of all other living animals. Men and women in most human societies end up in long-term pair relationships, also known as marriage. The couple not only becomes an exclusive sexual union, but additionally form a partnership for raising the resulting kids together.

(5) If mammalians could speak, and if you asked them what they thought of your sex life, their response might surprise you:

  • (Dog) Those humans have sex any day of the month!
  • (Orangutan) That’s true, Barbara proposes sex even when she knows perfectly well that she isn’t fertile. And John is eager for sex all the time. What a waste of effort!
  • (Deer) The weirdest thing of all is that Barbara and John close the bedroom door and have sex in private instead of doing it in front of their friends like any self-respecting deer!

(6) To understand where mammals are coming from, you need to free yourself from your human-based perspective on what constitutes normal sexual behavior. Although human sex does seem a waste of effort from a biological point of view, today, we belittle those who do not conform to our own standards.”

(7) Features of human sexuality –long term partnerships, co-parenting, private sex, concealed ovulation, and sex for fun –constitute what we humans assume is normal sexuality. It amuses or disgusts us to read about the sexual habits of other mammals like orangutans. However by the standards of other species of mammals, we are the ones who are not only bizarre, but also the minority.”

Inspiration Videos For Visuals:




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