july 14th

I wasn’t able to find the artist, but this collage is about the lifestyle of people in the upper east side. the collage tells an interesting narrative because it includes not only the personal aspect of the photographer but also includes the facade of a famous person living in new york.

the simplicity of the image is astonishing. the image can be read in so many ways. the softness of their hand complemented by the gradient (black to grey) in the background. I think the composition in this image is interesting because what your eye goes to first is their hair, however, what’s in focus is her hand which battles with their red hair.

this triptych shows a more successful narrative with a mother and her daughter. the two almost mimic each other in each image. the soft lighting adding to innocence and care to the relationship between the two and the bed seeming like a small island the two ‘live’ on when they’re together.

july 10th

coney island















my experience at coney island was interesting. I constantly saw the colour red and how it was ingrained into the park. I wanted my work to show contrast in both black and white and colour, but also using line to implement a forced perspective (image one, two, and four). I was comfortable with approaching people, but I realized that the intimidation I was feeling from people was made up in my head.

july 9th hw


I think the reading from last night was interesting and had a lot to do with the perspective of a photographer. both articles in a way relate to the idea that nothing is ever new, however, the mindset and angle something is looked at can vary and be changed every day. as a photographer, you document what’s in your surroundings at that moment and it will forever stick, which anyone can do, but the way you document that moment can set you apart. I related more with the first article more because I often find myself in ‘deep travel’ and is primarily one of the reasons I love doing photography because I every time I look at a possible shoot location or I see some piece that I could use as a part of a new set, it feels as though a new body or set of eye rather that allow me to see the world and that moment differently.

I think what I’ll pull the most from this reading is that there is a difference between knowing and realizing. Each experience documented is unique, and my photography can stand amongst others, but will it makes people stop themselves and realize what has been in front of them all this time or will they continue to say ‘I already know that exists’


slow shutter

both of these are taken using a slow shutter. I tried to keep my subject still so that I could have less of a ghost effect. the one on the left I moved the camera and instead of having the subject and on the right I had the subject move. I would like to possibly use this technique in my final project to show or emphasize emotion and chaos.

fast shutter

these aren’t the best subjects, but these were taken using a faster shutter. I often don’t use or do highspeed photography, but I would like to implement it more in my portfolio in portraits with mainly liquids.

zoom technique

this zoom technique we learned in class was a new one and I think I’ll pair with a speed light in the future. its a new a refreshing technique for me so I’m excited to use it in the future.