Bridge Project #1 Selfie

Three selfies that Reflects a Truth about Me




Three Selfies that are Fake





For this project, I was assigned to complete three selfies that reflects true sides of me and three selfies that are fake. For true ones, I tried to represent who I am and what I am doing right now. The pictures show my interests and passion on art, reading and my dream of attending Parsons. I believe it is an authentic representation of myself because those three things are the ones that I have genuinely desired to do and something that identifies myself. In contrast, fake selfies are a satire of people who are always at the center of people’s attention. Nowadays our society is dominated by media and there are always issues on celebrities or people who are well known. For instance, popular people’s posts on social media, new videos, films, and new scandals always draw attention. However, I wonder whether those things are real. Aren’t people too obsessed with making an issue, even if it is not an authentic side of themselves? The pictures that I took shows those people who are actually suffering from those kind of things. Also, they represent my inner desire of becoming popular just like those people. While exploring this project, I got to know how powerful fake images can be because people hardly notices whether it is fake or not.Making fake images also conversely helped me to find the real side of me because I could explore what makes ‘fake’ and ‘authentic’ and what distinguishes them.


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