Cooper Hewitt Museum: In-class exercise

Space and Materiality

Chaeyeon Roh

Cooper Hewitt Museum: In-class exercise

Tania Ursomarzo

The Senses: Design Beyond Vision

1 My favorite work from this exhibition is an installation called “Portal_Soundscapes”. This installation engages with the sense of hearing. There was a space surrounded by some pink thread, and when I went in there, I could hear the sound a specific place. For example, I could hear the sound of a busy market, and I felt like as if I was actually in that place. I think it is interesting because it made me feel like I was in that place even though I was in a complete different space.

2 My second favorite work from The Senses is the one named “Sensory Spoon Touch Sample”. It engages the sense of touch. The spoons have bumps, which is designed to tickle the mouth. There is also a single bump on the handle to stimulate the fingers. I think this is effective because the designer transformed an object that is used in daily life into something unique. I imagine it would change our experience of eating in an interesting way.

Scholten & Baijings: Lessons from the Studio

1 I really liked the five-piece set of porcelain tableware. The form is very simple with geometric designs and graphics. Different materials were used, such as ceramics for plates and some textiles for a table cloth. I liked the monochromatic color tones used. The designer overlapped some colors to give more depth and transparency in some areas. This made the products seem more related to each other.

2 I also liked the hand-painted textiles with stitching, which was one of Darlning Sampler from 2017. There were bunch of textiles stitched with colorful threads. I was able to touch it and flip it over to see how the back side look like. I compared the front and the back and I found out that the back side is way more complicated than the front. I was amazed how those detailed patterns on the front were made. The colors goes together really well. The colors per each textile were analogous, which made it look harmonious and pleasing to the eye.

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