Project 1.2 – 250 word statement

Space and Materiality

Chaeyeon Roh

1.2 Understanding Sensory Capacity: Sensory Lab

Tania Ursomarzo

For this project, I was supposed to create a 3-dimensional object that engages different senses. I tried to maintain the architectural quality of the model so I used materials with rigid surface, which is museum board and plywood, and vinyl for the second model to engage opposite texture and sense. For the first model, plywood and museum board were used together as a surface of the model to invent forms with different qualities. Wood creates an interesting sight with grains that swirl in irregular way and a fine texture that gives very smooth and glassy feeling. For the most part, the model consists of black museum board, but it has four pieces of wood, which was designed to add difference in colors. The interior and exterior texture of museum board and plywood are the same, but the interior is filled with knots and tangles, which looks a bit complicated. The model has four openings, which invites people to view inside. The holes are designed to stimulate viewer’s curiosity and desire explore more. But some openings are made unintentionally, which exposes some parts of interior as well. 

The second model is made of vinyl and wire. The wire is used to structure and hold the model. Both materials give a glossy feeling, which attracts viewer’s eyes at the first place and makes them want to touch it. When vinyl is touched, it gives the sleeky and smooth texture and crackling sound that engages with viewer’s senses of sight and touch. Although the faces of the model is made of soft materials, the connection is pretty stable and rigid, which gives a contrasting feelings when touched. Some of the  tangled edges of the wire is very sharp that could prick the skin. Through this project, I explored different ways to engage with the primary senses of sight, touch and a bit of sound as well. I think it is interesting how the different senses in the model work together to give viewers different approaches to use their sensory abilities and explore more textures and hidden faces in the inside.

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