Int Studio 1 fake: Artifacts + Stories

Group members: Hyein/Vella/Simone/Chaeyeon

(Image of a made artifact en situ)

The assignment was to create stories based on the artifact that our group chose. The site we chose is Washington Square Park, and the artifact is a broken part of the arch located at the entrance of the Park.

We created our story using the characters we each created previously in Seminar class. The story begins with future archeologists excavating the stone from the ground. In the center of the artifact, they would see a beautiful emerald colored krystal stone, and the story begins with a kid who accidentally finds the stone that has magical power. This Krystal stone plays a significant role in our storyline because all the characters strive to find the stone in order to use the power that allows them to do whatever they want. My character Jin, the hero, defeats the villain who tried to own the stone to control everyone in a wrong way. Because of that, the title of our story is “The Emerald Stone”, and the name of our artifact is the “Heart of the Arch”.

I really enjoyed this project because first, it was interesting to get to know the place around us. I was able to learn the history of the space near me by researching the background of the site, which helped me to have a new insight and perspective of that particular space. Also, I liked the process of making the artifact because each member took charge of different parts of the artifact and completed each parts. I contributed in making the flower part and painting the clay with white acrylic to make it look like it is part of the arch. The most challenging part was making the object to scale. We went the park again and measured part of the arch that we were supposed to recreate. As a result, I think the artifact turned out nice in terms of both scale, color, and its relation to the story.


(Images of the actual object at Washington Square Park)


(Process of making the artifact using clay)


A Link to The Story:

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