Time Map LP Post

Brainstorm Sketches 

Process photos

Finished work photo


Short Reflection

The goal of this assignment was to show the time of action in a visual way. In this piece, the work presents an action of a bath bomb being put in the water from beginning to the end in a timely manner and therefore expresses the idea of ‘sequence’. It goes from left to right, which shows the difference between the beginning and an end. Also the photos get larger as it goes to the right because the area that the bath bomb occupies also becomes larger as it spreads in the water.

It was challenging for me to put photos all together in order because the size was all different and there were a lot of spaces left. However, I think arranging the photos turned out quite successful at the end. And like how the photos are cut in circle so it kind of matches with water and bubbles that are in the photos.


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