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  • A short explanation of the project.
    For this project, I created a short 1~2 minute video consists of still images with small amounts of sounds. The video is about friendship and how the relationship could easily be torn apart. The story is about a girl preparing birthday presents and a hand written letter for her friend but all of those become useless when the friend texts her saying that she could not make it to the party. The rest of the video is about what would have happened if she could attend the party and it is in black and white.
  • How and in what ways you used Premiere- Sequence? Speed? Transitions? Text?
    Generally, I used Premiere to sequence photos in order with sound. Some photos lasted 1 second and some lasted a bit longer so that the speed is different. I used cross dissolve effect between every single photos to make smooth transitions. I put a little bit of text to explain what the text message meant in the middle of the video.
  • What did you learn in the project and how you might use this in the future?
  • I used Premiere to create a video but I never tried creating a video using photos. I learned how to place photos in order and make a video out of it. I also learned how to layer a number of photos on top of each other. I think this skill will be useful when I create another video in the future.


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