“I AM” project




Muslin prototype

Second prototype



Final I Am

Hang Tag


Photo with a hang tag



Overall, I think my “I Am” project turned out well considering that this was my first time sewing. I think my professor gave a good introduction on how to sew and how to use sewing machine.

When I first made the prototype, the size was a lot smaller. I got feedback saying I can make the size bigger because it is easier to sew. Therefore I made the size larger. I also simplified the pattern by making separate legs and attaching it to the body.

During the critique, I received feedback saying that I could have taken more professional photo for a hang tag by removing the background and make it all white. I also think it would have looked more professional if I had removed the background.

It took so much more time than I expected to complete this project, but I learned a lot during this project. I did not know anything about sewing nor making patterns. I think it was a great opportunity to learn all those skills that are necessary and useful. Also I had a lot of fun working on this project because I could choose whatever color I would like.


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