Graphic Novel LP Post

  • Images of the Indesign practice

graphic novel frames exercise-1x2oiem

  • Photos for “Transitions” research in the Comic Book Store


  • Images of brainstorm notes or sketches


  • The sketches of your Frame layout for your Graphic Novel

  • Process shots of the artwork being made

  • The Final graphic novel

  • Small written descriptions of the above elements

This graphic novel is about the story of a princess who is living in the Green Kingdom. She used to live a fancy life in the Kingdom with her parents’ support. Also, she had a maid who did everything for her, but the princess always looked down on the maid. One day, the maid takes everything from her and runs away. In a day, the princess becomes homeless and decides to throw herself into the ocean because she had no reason to live without luxurious house and money that she had for her entire life. When she awoke, she realized that she is in a pirate ship. From that time, she starts to live a completely different life with pirates and learns a life lesson that money and wealth is not everything.


  • A short reflection on what you learned about frames, composition, transitions and duration as it relates to pacing a narrative.

First of all, I learned how to divide images / graphics into frames to tell a story. Unlike videos, graphic novels tell a story by showing separate actions that leads to another frame. I also learned how to put those stories and actions compositionally using frames so that they all fit in pages. To make a graphic novel, I need to come up with an entire story and then think about placing graphics into frames. This project was challenging for me because it was my first time making a complete graphic novel, and I did not know that it would take so much time drawing out 8 pages with my hand. But overall, I think my graphic novel turned out okay in terms of storytelling and using different transitions I learned in class.


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