Homework for Week 2, September 4th: Practices for the Anthropocene

) Read the following article, “Short Answers to Hard Questions About Climate Change” 

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and write a response describing which question surprised you the most. What other, new information did you learn? Do you feel encouraged by this article? How aware do you think your friends and family are of this information?

  1. How much trouble are we in?

I was surprised at how continuous human impact on earth could result in such chaotic situations such as “the sixth mass extinction of plants and animals”. I realized how human impacts could go so extreme and be fatal to the environment. Also I learned how the consequences could have impact not only on environments but also on human. I personally felt bad that it is already too late to eliminate the risks entirely. My friends are aware of this information but I don’t think they do so much to solve this problem.

2)  Write a short description of the Anthropocene that you would share with a close friend (using your own words/language to explain, not an internet definition). Images are encouraged.

I believe anthropocene is a current period where humanity has begun to have a most significant impact on the environment. Although human has been around for only a short period (compared to the whole geological time), population has swelled rapidly and so as civilization and our use of resources. All the things we have done such as building cities, cutting trees, generating carbon dioxide through burning fossil fuels has made a significant change on nature and ecosystems. By continuing all these human activities, we humans are becoming the center of environmental change.


3) Given these readings and our discussion in-class, what skills and practices do you think might be useful for meeting the realities of the Great Acceleration and Anthropocene? What kinds of skills or practices would *you* like to develop as an artist/designer given these realities?

I would like to focus on environmentally friendly art materials. Materials that my classmates and I are using contains a lot of toxic chemicals that seriously damage the environment. So when producing art materials such as ink or some other coloring materials, I would like to start by using environmentally friendly sources like vegetables or fruits. Also, the other way is that I can create sustainable products that last long. One of the main causes of global warming is that people do not recycle and use disposable products instead. If there is a product that lasts long enough, people do not have to buy new things so often.

4) Research an artist or designer that you admire who has made a practice of daily life into art or a creative process. Post a link to an example of their work on your LP and come to class prepared to discuss.

Matina Debris

Matina uses upcycled trash in her art to raise awareness of ocean and beach pollution. Her method of making art is so called “trashion”. She also creates clothes that are thrown out. By using environmentally friendly materials to create her art piece, she could contribute to a healthy environmental systems and clean energy.


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