Homework for Week 3, September 11, Systems Thinking + (intro to dye/kombucha/riso printing)

1.10 different systems that you were reliant on / benefited from today


2. In preparation for orientation of the Riso Printers, conduct independent research on the effects of synthetic inks and dyes on environmental systems.

There are many harmful effects that synthetic inks and dyes could have on environments. First, it is stated that more than three quarts of oil is needed to produce ink cartridges. A lot of resources are required to produce small amount of ink and ink cartridges. Moreover, if people just throw away a used up ink, the toxic compounds contained pollutes soil and water when reached landfills. Chemicals in printer inks are very harmful to the environment and is non-biodegradable. It takes a really long time to degrade (even more than plastic that can take thousands of years to degrade), which means it could pollute the environment for a longer period.




3. Documentation of first FBNK entry

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