Week 4: Mapping Flight Systems

1.What do you think of her decision to travel by boat? Are you inspired by her work?

Greta took zero emissions boat instead of flying over when coming to New York. I am inspired by her decision because by doing that, she’s raising awareness about how great the emissions flights give on the climate. Her act is very inspiring and I believe people who saw her movements would try not to take unnecessary trips by flights from now on. I think this kind of act is really important nowadays because the earth is getting closer to sixth mass extinction and a lot of people are unaware of climate change.

2. What do you think of this author’s feelings about travel? Would you consider carbon offsetting travel that you take in the future? What do you think of the practice of off-setting, do you think it’s effective?

The author understands people’s longing for escape and adventure but yet it is a selfish consumption because it hugely affects atmosphere by generating lots of carbon emissions.

Especially reading the example of ice melting, it was pretty shocking for me that one flight shrinks sea ice by 3 square meters. I think the amount is much bigger than I expected. In the future I would consider carbon offsetting travel because it is more effective when people are aware of how much impact that an individual has on earth. From this perspective, I think it is effective and works for people.

3. What do you think of this perspective? What responsibility do you individuals have for the environmental impact of their travel? Do you think people should travel less?

The population in Asia is increasing rapidly and as well as the usage of flights. The article states that the population is going to double in the next few years across Asia. The author is suggesting the local governments and airlines should find ways to reduce the impact of air travel in Asia and I agree because there are already too many individuals adjusted to their lifestyle of taking flights when going abroad. At this point government’s support for sustainable fuels is needed to reduce impacts.


4. Design a systems map

To help more resilient systems of international travel to emerge, I think governments and airlines could support more sustainable fuels tht are lower-carbon alternative. Individuals can fly more efficient aircraft.

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