Painting with Bacteria Lab Prep

  1. Natural watercolor postcard







2. Research Reflection

I think bacteria as an artistic media is a great alternative for synthetic media because synthetic dying materials are crucial for environment. As stated in the reading, garments produced with synthetic dyes produce significant greenhouse gas emissions and water pollution and moreover, takes a lot of energy and water use. Using such an environmentally friendly material is highly inspiring because it produces less chemicals during production and as well as the process of throwing them away. By reading those articles, I learned that there are so many different ways of using natural media that has a potential to create wide range of colors, which could definitely be used as an alternative for synthetic colors.

3. Design ideas








4. Artist statement

The theme of my design is living things. Since this project is about organic and environmental media I thought I would draw something that matches with what we are doing. I got this idea from the medium of bacteria itself so I wanted to create patterns and shapes derived from natural elements that are recognizable, such as flowers, fish, trees and mountains. I suppose the end result would turn out a bit different than what I drew on my design sketches, which is interesting because it naturally creates patterns that could be used in garment makings and other art makings that I am doing in school.


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