Long Life Design business practices



1) How does Kettl tea seem related to Long Life Design (which of the ten Long Life Design criteria does it seem to fulfill)?

I think Kettl tea fulfills User, because the brand explains on their website and instagram how they get products shipped from Japan. They further explains how the teas are made and harvested in local Japan areas. Also, they show gratitude to the people in Japan that they are partnering with. This brings people’s attention to Japanese tea culture and traditions of making it.

2) Despite being a relatively new business, which of the Long Life Design criteria do you think it might be able to fulfill over the next 10 years, and why?

Manufacturing, because this brand gets products from local Japanese traditional farms. Farmers in Japan keep their method of harvesting leaves for a long time, and I guess that would stay long for over 10 years. Because this brand explains customers about how they connect to local Japanese people and how the products are raised in Japan and brought to America. If they maintain the traditional method of tea production, the quality will stay good for a long time.

3) What are two questions you have for the owner (Zach) related to long-life design and/or sustainability?

  • How does ceramics (used to blend, pour tea) relate to environmental aspect of long life design?

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