In-class assignment November 13, draft design brief + reflect on FNBK

1) Upload a copy of your final FNBK entry, then reflect on the FBNK process and project

It was interesting to see how temperature, humidity etc change over time. It was especially interesting because for every FNBK entry I sat on the same location. I saw people doing different things (having lunch, sitting under the shadow, talking to friends etc) depending on the weather. I enjoyed collecting different data and observing changes and impacts on people.

2) Would you like to use the Riso printer during class next week?

If I could, I would like to use the Riso printer during class because I personally enjoy using Riso printer plus it’s environmentally friendly.

3) Post a draft of your design brief as a graphic design poster that includes answers to the four prompts below:

STUDENT NAME: Chaeyeon Roh


1) What is a practice/skill that you commit to enact, or an object you commit to take care of, for the next 10 years?

A pouch bag made of worn-out jeans. The size will vary depending on the type of jeans that I have.

2) In what ways does this practice/skill or object provide joy and functionality in your daily life?

I will use the unique design of jeans with back pockets, which will provide joy when I carry it. Also I think it is very functional because it is an everyday item where I can put my earphone, lipstick etc. I carry my earphone in a separate pouch bag that’s made of plastic, so if I make an extra space inside the pouch it would be very useful.

3) How will you repair and/or make this object or process more resilient, enabling it last/be useful for at least 10 years?

I will use a sewing machine to repair my jeans. I will use thick thread as well to make it last longer (so that it does not get ripped). Also, I can always wash it with other clothes since it is made of jeans when it gets messy.

4) How does this practice fulfill the Long Life Design criteria to the best of your ability? 

It will reduce systems related to material since I do not have to buy a new pouch that requires a use of new fabrics. Also, I don’t have to throw away jeans that I do not wear anymore (bc it’s worn out or too small for me). It also reduces climate impact because it does not include transportation system if I don’t order it online.

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