Final Project plan and Work-in-Progress.

1) Describe your work plan for the next month (all project components are due December 11th).

Design Brief + Repair story poster by this Wednesday (11/20)

Systems map in class (11/20)

Pouch design + measurements done by this week (11/24)

Sewing process on (12/01)

2) How will you source materials, given what you have learned in class this semester?

Materials that I am using is worn out jeans that I have in my home. I used to throw away things that are worn out or are not used anymore. However, as tons of old clothings get trashed, I thought I should use this to recycle materials rather than just throwing it away. This remind me of an article that I read in class, which was about how clothing industries impact so much on environments and the ways people can prevent polluting the environment by doing small things like reusing old clothes and buying clothes that are well made and does not wear out fast.

3) Do you have any concerns/issues regarding your project at this point?

I think time management is the most important issue right now since this is the longest project among all the assignments that I have done. I have lots of things to do this week (before thanks giving) and I am kind of worried if I could follow the schedule that I made.

4) Post 2-3 work in progress images of your final project.


Pouch design in progress

Poster design in progress

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